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Is There A God?

There are many reasons why atheists don’t believe in God, and who can blame them? Just listen to all the kooky Christians bantering about right and wrong, rejecting clear-cut scientific facts, and fiercely defending their faith in God based on vague interpretations of bible excerpts. C’mon… they can’t even agree amongst themselves! It’s enough to make anyone want to face-palm, especially us Logical Christians.

Religion certainly has a sordid history, and its adherents don’t always put a lot of thought into their own beliefs. But there’s a gleaming diamond of truth under that rough and ugly surface, one that atheists toss out with the rest of the religious bathwater. Please don’t discount the idea of God as superstition for the feeble-minded, or as a cop-out explanation for things humans haven’t been able to comprehend. Like scientific fact, spiritual truth hasn’t ever changed– only our understanding of it.

Obviously I’ve got an agenda here to convince you that there’s a creator God. There’s no sense in exploring the rest of this site, or further discussing anything unless you believe it exists. I once compared proving the existence of God by using the Bible to proving the existence of pixie dust by turning to a page in Peter Pan. There’s no proof in something that someone believes is a fairy tale, so I’ll leave the Bible stuff for another page! All I ask is that you throw out the whole idea of some sandal-clad “sky fairy”, and limit our definition to the following:

“An entity that is eternal, conscious of self, has a capacity for intelligent thought, reason, and an ability to “create” other objects and entities.”

I hate to define a God with no empathy or emotion, but it’s really not important at the moment. We can discuss the finer points about God’s character and whether or not he “loves” us at some other time. Our task for now is showing that a creator God exists.

Here are a few facts that aren’t disputed by science:

  • First, everything in this universe including your body, the stars, and yes… “the dust of the earth”, is composed of particles of energy. At a fundamental level, matter is composed of highly structured energy.  There are all sorts of subatomic particles that behave in eerie and astounding ways (read about wave-particle duality).  When they come together as protons and electrons in an atom they become very predictable, forming the tangible substances and life forms all around us. There have been mind-boggling discoveries in quantum physics, but the point for now is that all matter is made up of the same stuff, energy.
  • Second, zero plus zero can never equal more than zero. There’s no fancy mathematical formula or theoretical physics that will assert that something can come from nothing. Now, think about this for a minute in terms of the energy we just discussed. There’s absolutely no chance that it came from “nothing”. A point of singularity… sure. An energy potential… why not? But the almost incomprehensible fact remains, that this energy has ALWAYS existed in some form or another. It is eternal. Don’t over-analyze it, ’cause it will drive you insane!
  • Third, human beings are conscious of self, have a capacity for intelligent thought, reason, and an ability to “create” other objects. So… since atheists reject the idea that there’s any sort of “higher intelligence” at play in our creation– then by default, they believe that the eternal energy that the entire universe is composed of has become intelligent and self-aware on AT LEAST ONE occassion in the form of human beings, by way of nothing other than natural processes. There’s no disputing that. So is it that much of a stretch to think that somewhere in the infinite (think about that… infinite!) past, there could have been an even more advanced intelligence come into being?

I know there’s a little leap to be made here, but please don’t start dismissing rational, logical thought because it clashes with your current beliefs– that’s the same behavior we attack the religious kooks for, right? If you can just wrap your mind around the fact that human beings themselves possess almost all of the requisite traits of “God”, the idea doesn’t seem nearly as outlandish as it may have before.

We’re inching closer and closer to unlocking the mystery of our own biological structure, and we’ve only just begun to explore our ability to alter the fundamental nature of other life forms. We’re on the very cusp of deciphering how our bodies transform and organize the energy extracted from plant and animal life, into our own biological structure. We’ve already begun the process of building organisms from the ground up, so there’s no reason to think that some higher intelligence couldn’t have done the same!

We can’t see most of the universe, and astronomers and quantum scientists are discovering that the VAST majority of matter doesn’t even seem to be in this dimension! Dark matter, dark energy, etc.– we don’t even have any solid theories yet on some of the discoveries we’re making. So don’t believe for a second that there couldn’t have been a higher intelligence come into being, that can manipulate energy into different forms, and might exist primarily in the larger part of the universe that we don’t even understand yet. Just because it doesn’t have to eat Cheerios to obtain energy, doesn’t mean it’s make-believe. We exist in “flesh and blood”, biological bodies– but remember that we’re still just composed of energy. There’s no reason to believe that the stuff of our consciousness couldn’t exist in some non-biological form– most energy doesn’t.

Could it be that we are extensions of God’s energy, organized intentionally and purposefully into the physical, biological form we find ourselves in? This is all rather esoteric, I admit. Even though many Christians would freak-out about the way I’m presenting this, the puzzle pieces fall right into place when we consider more traditional beliefs, and some less clinical aspects of God’s character elsewhere in this site.

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